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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fabulous new tactile sensory toy I Discovered.

Two weeks ago, Binah Magazine ran  feature on Sensory Toys. A large part of the article was a result of an extensive interview I had with the writer; many of the toys were ones that I had profiled here on the blog. It was interesting to see how she put it together. There was one toy, however, that I had not heard of or thought of, and I immediately ordered one from amazon. It's really meant as a 'tummy time' mat for younger children. It turns out to be an amazing sensory experience for Dovi.

Dovi loves splashing in water. This mat provides him with a safe, dry way to punch and pound and squish at water. Unfortunately, on the first day he already bit into the plastic part which is inflated by air, and I am afraid Chaim emulated him by biting into the water part - in any case, it's already sprung a leak, and while I closed it with Duct tape, it's not a lasting solution, so I already ordered 2 more such toys off Amazon, one which I might donate to the mini day camp end-of-summer program Dovi is fortunate to be attending now between camp and school.

( by the way on the amazon page, for some reason, you'll see a doll featured. Dont fear, it's the water mat. Also, it's hard to figure out how to open the valve to fill it with water. You have to push the cup in and down slightly to access the small opening.

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