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Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Other Option

My sincere apologies for the very long delay in posting this. It's still not the apex of the post I'm aiming for, which is to relate the gut-wrenching moment when seeking placement for Dovi became a more serious reality, but I'm getting there. It's a long story. It can't be told on one foot. And I want to tell it the right way - this is the only way to memorialize it. This is my life story.

I started writing this post in late August, a day after I visited Dovi (that's like 3 visits ago, lol. I'm still going every 3 weeks, religiously!) and simply didn't get around to finish it, because we came home from summer vacation a few days later and fell headfirst into the month of Tishrei. Then I got very busy with my very consuming ebay hobby. But the positive feedback from about a dozen of you spurred me on to get this piece finished, even if it'll be a month until the next one...

So here's the part I wrote back in August, and then I'll continue.


So, let's pick up the narrative from the previous entry, where I described in brief, the evolution in New York from oversized impersonal / abusive state facilities to small, personalized group homes.

As I started saying, when I began attending the local support groups, I was flummoxed that the main topic of discussion was about placement opportunities -- or rather, the lack thereof.

It seemed that despite the plethora of MSC agencies running residential facilities, there were simply no beds to be found. Apparently, the OPWDD had put a freeze on building new homes, preferring that young children be kept at home at all cost. Even if the cost was the sanity and well-being of the child's family, and often the wellbeing and even safety of the child himself. The bigwigs at the OPWDD just didn't seem to comprehend the extent of the effect of the severely behaviorally challenged population. And waiting around for an available bed was about as good as doing nothing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I am touched!!!

4 comments + 2 private emails. I'm moved that there are still people out there who are interested in hearing what I have to say - and I'm a total stranger! I will continue, IYH, though maybe not immediately - in a week or two, bli neder. Thanks so much ladies!

Monday, October 16, 2017


Hello everyone!
Well, the hectic month of Tishrei and all the holidays, are behind us. Now the question dangling in the air is, should I continue this journey?
Dredging up all the difficult memories is rough. Spending hours writing about it, with little payoff, feels like a bit of a waste of time.
Life marches on. My ebay 'business' took on a life of its own, running away from me at a speed I can't keep up. (shameless plug: .
At this point, I have no idea who my audience is, and if I even still have an audience. I don't know if it pays to keep trying to revive this thing. It takes way too much time, and I need to know there are people still interested in reading about our journey with Dovi.
Please drop me a line if you are still checking out the blog and if you want me to continue.
Email:, or in the comments below.
I am purposely not linking this anywhere, to gauge whether there are readers who check the blog on their own (or via email sign up.)
Hope to  hear from you!
(P.S.: Dovi is doing relatively well at his residence. He's making progress in some areas, while continuing to have trouble with some of his deep-rooted behaviors. But all in all, it's all good, thank G-d.)
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