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Friday, March 29, 2013

Summertime Livin' Take 3

I hope you're all having a wonderful Pesach.

Things worked out really nicely around here, Boruch HaShem. I had been extremely worried how I would manage to bring in Pesach, and how Dovi would behave during the seder. In the end, he wasnt feeling well for about a week, so he was well behaved enough for me to do all my Pesach prep and he slept through the sedarim. He's on the mend now, Boruch HaShem. I had a nervewracking few days when he was supposed to have been well already but was still very drowsy and sleeping for way too many hours. I finally figured out that the increase in his meds, which coincided with his week-long virus, was not good for him and with his doctor's instructions we scaled back until we will see him again after Yom Tov. Today we went to a farm where Dovi delighted in touching the sheep - and then tried to climb into the pen! We had to strap him back into the stroller, real quick....

Before I continue on to the next topic, which is another incredible Divine Providence story, I'd to close out the Home Health Aide series. The third aide sent by the agency, Leticia, turned out to be a good fit. She is extremely devoted to Dovi, who loves her back. Unfortunately, she doesn't really like doing housework, so we did lose our 'clean house' that we were used to during Danuta's time. She is also late a lot, and spends a lot of time on her Iphone. But on the plus side, she does a great job feeding Dovi and giving him baths and getting him into pajamas. While we sometimes have minor issues or arguments, we get along pretty well and she is really not a bother; our family can go about our business while she's here, and she doesn't ask for anything. It's great to have someone in the house during busy times like Yom Tov when there is no school. One of the best things that came out of Leticia's presence is that Chaim learned a perfect English around her. All in all, she's a lifesaver; we feel her absence keenly on Sundays (she only works Monday to Friday) and on the few legal holidays that she actually takes off, like Thanksgiving and Xmas. I am grateful every day for the existence of homecare for children with disabilities and that it's relatively simple to set up. If anyone reading this lives in New York and has a child with a  disability and a pediatrician that will gladly work with you to request homecare, message me for the phone number of the agency we use.

Anyway, moving on....

Monday, March 25, 2013

Have a wonderful Pesach everyone!

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful and peaceful Yom Tov. Also, I'm sorry to let you know that I will have to change the settings on the blog, due to a massive influx of spam comments. You will no longer be able to comment anonymously but will need some kind of ID to comment. I'm sorry if that impacts anyone, but I have no choice; I get dozens of spam comments daily and have to put a stop to it. Thanks for understanding.

Have a fabulous Pesach everyone!
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