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Friday, July 7, 2017

I'm back :)!

Hello ladies and happy summering!

I spent five days going through all of the old posts on this blog and updating the Amazon links. (I'd been wondering why I didn't seem to be successful with the affiliate program and I see why - those links were really corrupt.) With the introduction of the amazon CPM program, a new fire was lit under me to get the blog really rolling again.
We're away for the summer at the bungalow colony and life is, thank G-d, a little easier right now. So I'm hoping to put up one post a week for the next couple of weeks. There's some interesting / fun / insightful stuff to write about.

We're heading up to Dovi's residence on Sunday to celebrate his ninth birthday. I have not seen him in a month (though I talk to his caregivers almost daily and they have been posting pictures on Facebook, so I'm up to date on his goings-on), and we're very excited :).

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