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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summertime and the Livin Is a Bit Easier....

I wasn't going to post this since I'm loathe to use the blog in the present tense, but I think I owe my Dovi fans an update. Boruch HaShem, with massive twists of Divine providence, Dovi is in sleepaway camp!!!
One of the special needs camps we had been considering for him was not going to open for this summer, and at the last minute, it did. I was a little nervous before the camp session about his safety and the compatibility of him with the camp staff / program, but thank G-d, it's proven to be just what the doctor ordered. From the photograph they send me every week it is clear that he is thriving there and having the time of his life. he is being loved and taken amazingly care of and having a blast. It's scary to see how relaxed my family is without him around, which has caused all sorts of anguish and pain for me as I reconsider just how deeply his autism and hyperactivity affect my home and family. The house is spotlessly clean, Chaim and my husband are so calm, there is supper on the table every night, no counselors and aides traipsing in and out... it's a welcome respite from the strain and stress of the entire year. It's painful to think of what our lives would look like without Dovi's autism and hyperactivity, and it's frightening to think of how we'll be able to continue handling it as he gets older and bigger. HaShem will have to help, He's helped us til now.
But for now, I'm simply relaxing, taking care of myself, paying Chaim extra attention, and taking all kinds of steps within the home to make life with Dovi easier when he comes home. I took apart his clumsy bedroom furniture and instead put in a small bookcase and kiddie table, a timer for the light and a safety gate for the door. I want to introduce him to playing in his room so that the rest of the house stays cleaner and more organized and the mess gets confined to his room. I want to spend my spare time this summer looking at the Son Rise videos and trying to implement some of it when he comes home, G-d willing.
The photos of Dovi in camp are priceless, but I don't feel like posting them here. I'm so grateful to HaShem for making it work. I can't imagine what I would do with him all summer with so many fewer resources - no Sunday program, no Shabbos volunteers, fewer res hab counselors available, and the crazy heat outdoors. Dovi goes swimming every day, has big wide open empty spaces to run around in on the grass, and is getting top notch therapy and schooling even up there. I miss him like crazy - I cried myself to sleep the first few nights of him away - he's never been away for this long. But I know it's for his good, the good of his family, and he's loving it there and is loved and cared for by a devoted staff, which makes the separation easier. Visiting day is on Sunday and I can't wait to see him. I wonder if he'll recognize me!
Hope you're having a good summer yourself!!!

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