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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I realized I've not been getting comments so I lifted the restrictions against commenting only as a registered user. Anonymous people can now comment. However, I will be monitoring the comments so no spam can get through. So feel free to start commenting again if you're a real person posting a relevant, non spam comment. Thanks!

Hashem is Here, Hashem is there, HaShem is truly Everywhere

Continued from the previous entry:

The first phone call on that morning, a week after I had surrendered it all up to HaShem, was from Zehava. Back from Israel from her 2 week trip, she was fully on board to help me find therapists for Dovi for the summer. All was not yet lost. She would still speak to all the other branches of TABAC and try to figure something out for me. I breathed a bit easier. So all was not lost after all.

The second phone call was even more exciting. One of the phone calls I had gotten from my ad from the Hamodia had been an unremarkable, non descript, slightly nasal sounding  message with a local phone number. "My name is Rachel [garbled], I'm a SEIT, please call me at  _____." I returned her call and got an answering machine and promptely forgot about it, assuming it was someone who thought it was a city job. To my surprise, almost a week later, Rachel called me back. She lived in Israel and was planning to be in the Catskills in the summer. She had a bilingual masters degree and was employed with TABAC - she had worked in the main headquarters until she had moved to Israel. She had a lot of experience with low functioning, non verbal kids like Dovi. One of her older sisters also worked at the main headquarters and her other sister was almost getting her masters and would start working after the summer. Her younger sister did Res Hab and was available in the summer.


It sounded like a dream, too good to be true.

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