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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Take Two

Hello, my old friends.

You're surely wondering why I woke up suddenly and am blogging again.

Let me tell you a little story.

Three years ago when this blog was at its height of popularity, it attracted all kind of readers. Some were other parents of severely autistic children, some were my friends via other online means, and some were random web surfers. The most surprising reader, delightfully, was the editor of a popular weekly magazine which I read faithfully and am a huge fan of (and have written for here and there). The editor was very moved by one of the blog entries and wanted to adapt it for the magazine. I declined, telling her that one day, down the line, I'll want to publish my story in one of the magazines, and I want to do it right - not in a hodgepodge smattering of random articles. Since then I was approached several times by different magazines, including the same one,  about publishing a mini series about raising Dovi. But I had the same answer every time: The time is not yet right. There is no turning point in the story; no conclusion. Dovi hasn't had a miraculous 'cure' or anything. There's no point to writing a series of gut-wrenching articles about how difficult it is to raise a child like Dovi. I'm not going to sugarcoat it; I'm not one of those 'rainbows-and-unicorn' moms  who love and embrace this brand of severe autism and go all goo-goo-gaga about how I wouldn't change anything. (Newsflash: I don't know ONE mom of a severely autistic child who thinks that way. The rainbows-and-unicorn crowd live with the high functioning population. But more on that later.) So what would be the point of writing about it? There had to be a huge conclusion, a turning point that will make a mini-series worth writing.

Well, it took a few years, and there has been a big change in Dovi's life story. Not the kind of change I would have envisioned four years ago when I started writing this blog. It's a bittersweet kind of turning point. If you know me in real life, or even in virtual life, you know what's going on right now. (If you don't know me anywhere off this blog, be assured that everyone is health and well, no need to worry. All will become clear very soon.) So now there is a reason to revive this blog, because finally, there is more story to tell, and there's a cohesive, sequential order to telling the story. I think the story is important, because there are scores of autism parents walking in my shoes, and I think it'll be beneficial to have have their voices heard through Dovi's story. It'll also be boundlessly therapeutic to explore and relive the past few insanely difficult years and put everything into perspective.

Last but not least, I can use the $$$, LOL :). With all the changes going on right now, some of my sources of pocket change will be diminished or gone entirely, so this is my foray back into the world of writing. But in order to make this blog remotely worth it - I'm not even talking lucrative - I'm gonna need your help. When you shop on amazon, consider using my link. Here it is: AMAZON.COM. (or click on the ad below.)

Also, please take a minute every time you visit the blog, to check out the ads crowding the perimeter of this site, to see if any of those stores/sales interest you. I can't have google ads on the blog, which is usually the primary moneymaker of any blog, because they inexplicably closed my account a long time ago and are refusing to reopen it or give any kind of explanation. So at least try to see if any of the stores I'm an affilliate with, are things you can use. The blog will undergo a facelift in the next while so that it reflects the recent changes and is more pleasing to the eye.

And then very soon, I will resume the tale of Dovi's life. You'll have to hold on to your seat belts, because it's quite the wild ride.

Love you, my boy.

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