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Here are the direct links to the blog posts where I review the various products that helped us with Dovi's issues and to survive life. This is an ongoing project since the blog is still fairly young, but I will keep adding to the list. Believe me, I have tried hundreds of different products over the years. If you would like me to address a particular issue you have, please drop me a line and I might review the products you have in mind sooner than planned.

Helpful and not so helpful books on autism
Skidders Sock-Shoes and Hanna Andersson Moccasins
Crib and Bed Tent Solutions
High Chairs, Boosters and Mealtime Solutions
Swings and other Vestibular Sensory Solutions
Weighted Vests, Weighted Blankets, and other Proprioceptive Sensory Solutions
Vibrating Teethers, Chewelry, and other Oral Sensory Solutions
The Temple Grandin Movie
Oral Sensory Solutions
Tactile Sensory Solutions
The Pedicraft Bed - our Lifesaver
Harnesses, Child Locators, Safety Devices
Strollers for the growing autistic child


  1. i remember that you posted about a musical book that your son liked. i can't find the link, i am trying to find something similar for my son, thanks!


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