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Monday, September 23, 2013

I have so much to say. So much to write. But no time.
I can't wait to share the incredible series of events that led to Dovi going to summer camp, and how incredible summer camp was for him and for all of us.
I can't wait to blog about what it's like for a parent of a severely autistic child like Dovi, to make a decision to try for another baby, and what it's like to go through a pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period with a child like Dovi at home (or in camp as it was in our case).
And so forth.
But not yet.
Today I just want to talk about some of the recent purchases I made for Dovi.
Before I do, just two quick updates: The new school - School C - is PERFECT for him. He fits in there like a glove and he has an incredible teacher and paras. I'm so glad we made the decision when we did. I thank HaShem for that.
Also, I did not take Leticia back as Dovi's Home Health Aide after the summer. I had a lot of issues with her; we did not get along - major personality clash - and i realized that with a new baby I would need a lot more hours than she was willing to work. HaShem sent an amazing, amazing girl whom I'll call Charlene, who has been an absolute lifesaver for us, especially now with so many 3-day YomTovs. We would not have survived without her, seriously. She's a major help, willing to work hard, punctual and pleasant - a true Godsend.
Anyway, on to the purchases.

Dovi has gotten tired of his old toys and for a while simply wouldn't play with anything, preferring to rip paper to shreds and run back and forth all day. When school finally started he calmed down somewhat, but he still wasn't so interested in his toys. I realized I need to mix things up a bit - anyone can get tired of the same old toys! So I bought these two - and he is inseparable from them, especially the toy Ipod. He holds it to his ear and walks around the house like that, or holds it to his ear in bed. I bought a second one now to send along on his trips to school - because he does NOT behave, and climbs out of the car seat. He also loves the toy laptop, pressin the keys with glee and watching the dots appear on the screen. I highly recommend both of these toys to anyone - special needs or not. They are great.


I hope to write some more at a later date; for now, I will keep posting different things I've purchased, until I find the time to write more. Thanks for hanging in there with me!


  1. Eagerly awaiting your upcoming posts. Chalishing to hear about your life while ttc, expecting, and now with the newborn! (Btw, in this post and the last, I didn't see links to the toys you'd mentioned. Am I missing something?)

    1. I see the links just fine :). Truthfully, this site is kind of on its last legs, I'm going to revamp it at some point, but my baby is too young at this time for me to pay it much attention. I'm sorry :(


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