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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's a Trifecta!!!

On Sunday we went to visit Dovi at summer camp. He is so happy there, and well cared for, and it took him a minute to recognize us but he was thrilled! I came home all smiles, knowing he's in the best of hands, and ready for the next big adventure...
...which didn't take long in coming. The very next day, on Monday, I gave birth to a little boy! Chaim and Dovi now have a little brother. And with this announcement, many things will become clear to you readers: Why it had gotten so much more difficult to care for Dovi - I was physically incapacitated and mentally drained.... And that is why Dovi went to summer camp, and lots of other little things between the lines were as a result of being pregnant basically since I started this blog.
And which is why I will probably have no time to update the blog anymore, more or less.
But I had to share this wonderful news with you, my dear readers!
Oif Simchos!
(P.S. He was born a few hours after His Royal Highness Heir to the Throne Prince George Alexander Louis :) )


  1. mazel tov!!!! a lot of nachas from your trio. Boy families are loads of fun!

  2. I had this very detailed dream about Dovi last night! I babysat him for 4 hours on a Shabbos and during that time he learned to read in both Hebrew and English. Strangest dream ever. But I would LOVE to babysit him someday if I'm ever in the area. And the other guys. :) Mazel tov again! And for the third kiddo's blog name, I think you should call him George.

  3. Wow! Mazel tov! Lots of nachas!

  4. Mazal tov!! I was hoping to hear this news since you had mentioned cycling during Sandy!

  5. Wow, Mazel Tov! This really brought a smile to my face. I had a suspicion the whole time, and was kinda looking out for knews about a pregnancy on other sites, but didn't pick up on anything. Anyhow, I wish you would come here and update every so often, would love to hear how things are going with all three of them K'ah!

  6. MAZEL TOV! Wishing you a speedy recovery & loads of nachas! How do I "friend" you on Facebook (I'm obviously not experienced)? I'd love to see those videos of Dovi! So glad he's enjoying camp!


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