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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Has Anyone tried the Son-Rise program?

If any of you are an autism parent, I am curious if you have tried the Son Rise program?
I heard so much about it but cant imagine how I can implement it in practical terms. I don't have spare room in my house, and Dovi does not sit still. Plus, I hardly have any one-on-one time with him so I don't even have when to implement such a program. In addition, the training is costly and involves traveling. I wish there would be a way to train long-distance via Webinars or DVDs.
I'm curious if anyone has tried it - specifically if you have a really low functioning child like Dovi. Please let me know if you did. Thanks.


  1. I actually know a family in your neighborhood who tried the son-rise program with their son, with good results. They used extra seit hrs at home as well as res hab workers to help implement the program. The program offers funding for the workshops if eligable. Good luck

  2. Dear Friends,
    Thank you for inquiring about The Son-Rise Program®. I’m excited to take this time to share with you what I know and love about The Son-Rise Program. As you may already know, The Son-Rise Program is a parent run, home based, child centered program. At our five day adult only training course, called The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up, we teach parents and professionals the tools and techniques necessary to run an effective Son-Rise Program in their home. We show you how to join your child in their world and then show them the way into ours. We will then teach you how to playfully inspire your child to willingly engage in social interaction, where you can then use their motivations to teach him/her skills in social communication. We have three kinds of programs that we talk about in depth during the 5 day Son-Rise Program Start-Up course; there is a lifestyle program where you go to a quiet, distraction free area in your home for 30 minutes a day with your child and implement the principles of The Son-Rise Program; you can also do a part time program in which you create a distraction free environment, called a Son-Rise Program playroom , and work with your child 20 or more hours a week with the help of volunteers. You will also have groups meeting to discuss your child's goals. There is a also a full-time program, which is like the part-time program except you and your volunteers work with your child 32 hours or more each week in The Son-Rise Program playroom. With that being said, since you, the parents, are going to be the ones implementing The Son-Rise Program, you get to decide exactly how much time you want to spend doing The Son-Rise Program with your child. To learn more and to hear from other parents, please read and/or listen to some of our inspiring parent testimonials. We have worked with families from more than 90 countries across the globe and we are excited to share some of their stories with you. Please visit our website:
    We also encourage you schedule a complimentary 25-minute Initial Call with a Son-Rise Program® Advisor. We can help you in many ways by; explaining The Son-Rise Program®, answering any questions you may have, and by showing you ways you can use this program to change the direction of your child’s life. We will also tell you about our five day training course, called The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up, here in Sheffield, MA. IF YOU WANT HELP NOW PLEASE CALL- 413-229-8063 Ext. 174 (Internationally dial 001-413-229-8063 Ext. 174) to schedule an appointment with Son-Rise Program® Advisor, or simply reply with your telephone number and we will be sure to contact you to set up an Initial Call. With support- Amanda Louison- Son-Rise Program® Advisor

    1. Wow, I cant believe you found this post and responded. Thank you. I think I will call an advisor because I have 3 issues: 1) I dont have a spare room in my house to turn into a SonRise Playroom, 2) Neither my son nor I have the attention span to spend 30 minutes together and 3) I have other children I cant ignore during those 30 minutes. Not to mention, I dont have 5 days to spend in Massachusettes. But I might make that call, and at least watch the free clips on the site. thanks.

  3. I don't think you need an attention span...that is one of the big bonuses to son-rise. Look at the clips on their site, and on youtube they have posted a ton of short info and idea videos as well. Also look up Relationship Development Intervention which has activities that can be incorporated into daily life. IT works very well, the book "Relationship Development Intervention activities for young children" is a great resource. One of my issues with son-rise is the spare room, which I don't have either, also they don't work with older children...RDI has activities and such for ANY age even adults, with positive results.1 Good luck


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