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Monday, March 4, 2013

Extending the Hiatus

I must apologize for my extended hiatus. But unfortunately I must extend it further. Between the horrific recent accident which claimed the lives of my cousins, the ongoing drama-saga of Dovi's school for next year,  and Pesach cleaning - in which I am severely behind - I am barely coping with the day to day. My brain is not working right now and I can't write. I have already written the most powerful posts and this blog has accomplished quite a lot. I will still be posting more entries, but I have to ask for continued patience. It is much appreciated.


  1. You and your family should have much nechamah and know no more tzar. Our hearts r with u......we r shedding many tears

  2. Please don't feel you have to apologize. I cannot even imagine the emotional stress you are suffering. May you and your family find comfort soon. Benechamat Tzion tenuchamu.

  3. Hey you've left us in suspense...what ended up happening with Dovi once Ellen left? Did she return or was she replaced? Did Dovi have a successful year? Sure hope so!

    1. Oy, I'm sorry I left you hanging. In a nutshell, Alice became his lead therapist, and it made my life incredibly stressful, but she was amazing for Dovi... his breakthrough at TABAC happened in March. But much water passed under the bridge until then. The next 2 posts are going to be about the worst 2 weeks of my life (I guess besides the past week).... when I hit rock bottom & my wheel of fortune began to turn somewhat upward....

  4. I really do need to email you, but, i wanted to tell you Baruch Dayan HaEmes. The entire city is in mourning with you, and we are only learning just how special they were.

    Hope all is well otherwise.


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