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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time to beg for donations again

We had a conference tonight about kids 'aging out' of the system this year and about the process of applying for new schools or requesting pendency.

Frankly, every time the subject comes up, my stomach starts turning. Although we have a great school to look forward to next year, I can't even begin to think how we'll pay  the nearly six-figure tuition. Plus the attorney's fees.

I don't know what I've let myself into. Seriously. But when I look at the other schools out there, my heart starts breaking at the thought of the last 3 years of bitter hard work going down the drain. Of all the kids in my support group, the ones that went to the free schools made absolutely no progress. THe kids who went to the private schools are the only ones that are making any sort of progress. Dovi really, really deserves a chance. He has so much potential. He is such a cutie pie. He is finally starting to match pictures, really respond to commands, and interact with people. He has so much to learn, so much potential. I can't let it all get lost because I can't manage to fund his education. So far, I've managed to raise... well, about a thousand dollars. Which I appreciate tremendously. But it's like a microscopic drop in the ocean.  I really hoped the blog would help me raise money, but it's not, especially since Google Adsense disabled my account. I'm not earning anything from Amazon nor all the other affiliates because they arent making any sales from the blog. I'll still keep writing, because there is so much tale to tell, but I really need your help to make it worth my while....

If you haven't yet donated to the fund, and you have the means to - even if it's five dollars, please, please do. Dovi will thank you. And so will I. As a bonus, I send a five minute video clip I compiled of Dovi to all donors, so you can see whose life you will be affecting with your kindness.

Thank you so much.


  1. Can't you get in touch with Google to find out why they disabled your adsense? Do they just not respond to you?

    1. They won't describe the violations to me, period. there's no human to talk to over there, it's all automated. Such a pity... this is such an active site KEH, they wouldve gotten a lot of traffic. I should really try to find someone else's name to open a new acct... nah.


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