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Monday, January 28, 2013

Medicaid Waiver slots available in Brooklyn

Medicaid Waiver slots are hard to come by. When I tried to get it for Dovi, I was told there are no Res Hab hours available. It took me almost six months to get it all set up and approved. I found this message posted on a message board for Jewish mothers:

Hi, we are an agency in Brooklyn, and still have some slots available, so I'm re-posting to see if anyone needs. Please share this with anyone you think needs this: 

Medicaid waiver slots in Brooklyn available immediately . For information please call 718-252-3365 x 105. 

2) Services for Special Needs Children 

Attention Parents of Special Needs Children 
If you need to know what special programs are available for your child and how to access them, 
If you’re you finding it difficult to apply for Medicaid Waiver, 
If you need to know what services are provided under the Medicaid Waiver program, 
If you need direction in finding the appropriate individualized supports and services, 
There are experienced professionals with updated information who can guide you through this difficult process.

call 347-401-1527 or email

If the above can be of help to anyone, I'm only glad to help.

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  1. meanwhile in Ohio medicaid waiver is currently a 10 year waiting list. :)


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