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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another appeal for the Dovi Education Fund

I just spoke to the school where I went with Dovi for an interview. They are very excited about him and would love to have him.

The catch? I need to come up with the entire tuition in advance. ahhhhhhh!

People, we are talking about almost six figures here. By July.

I will be able to raise some of it via other channels, but it's all just drops in the bucket.

So I am making another appeal to anyone out there who can spend even five dollars to the cause, for helping Dovi reach his potential - and his potential is huge.

Naturally I cannot name the school here, but trust me, once he is in, I will let you know the name and post videos of the school. It's the most incredible school for autism in the entire city.

So please, anyone who hasn't donated yet and can spare ANY amount of money to help Dovi, click below. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


  1. Oy I know this pickle. It's a tough spot. I don't know what I'm doing with Libby next year but the financial aspect is scary. If any reader can donate, please do. You have no idea what it's like to have a child with a disability, find the help and then be held back because of lack of funding. It's the most helpless and hopeless feeling a mother can have.

    1. Hi!!! I'm so glad you're reading the blog again! I was gonna ask you how you and Libby are doing. Where is she going next year? I already got a Kindergarten Orientation letter in the mail so my first step is going to a public school orientation... scary. Anyway I also feel a little bad because I hope I didnt 'steal your thunder' and your idea for such a blog - you started one before I did. If it's still active I'll keep reading and commenting and mentioning it, k? Drop me an email! I wanna hear how youre all doing!


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