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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Time for some honest reader feedback.

I've been working on this blog for almost two weeks now. It's so therapeutic, and such fun. I haven't made much $$$ though yet.... less than ten dollars. Ha. But it's been fun.

Some of my fellow successful blogger friends have been providing me with helpful feedback. The two biggest issues seem to be that the cutesy titles don't help with search results. But what should I do - it's my literary style, I love it, and I would HATE to title my posts with boring titles such as "Dealing with denial when your chid is autistic", "The evaluation process". BORING. Can't life be a little fun?

Secondly - and more concerning to me - is the fact that I literally do not receive any comments on my entries. I have had 2000+ hits so far - which is massive - but no one comments. I'm baring my soul to you, folks, and while I do get private comments on Facebook and email complimenting me on the content - which I appreciate - that doesn't help the blog look like an 'involved' blog with a community of readers. The casual reader who chances here through  google search (and believe me, I got quite a few hits from genuine autism searches) won't want to stay if it seems like an abandoned blog where I'm talking to the wall. Or myself. Her advice was to end my posts with open ended questions to get my readers involved.

The trouble is, I don't have any questions. Most of you readers are not Autism Moms, just friends of mine from Facebook and the Jewish Mom's forum. And I hate ending posts with questions. I love ending with a punch, with suspense, drawing my readers in to want more and to come back for more.

So tell me, readers. What do you think of all this? Do you prefer clever, deep titles, or is it easier for you to open a topic when it's clear and simple? And do let me hear from you: what brings you to this blog? Are you dealing with special needs yourself or just a casual reader? How did you arrive here - from FB/forums or via a search?

Also - if you're an autism mom or are part of an autism community, spread the word about the blog. Again, my chief objective in running this blog is not the money - although of course it's nice :) - but to reach out to other moms floundering in the sea. I have so much to share and so many products to review. But I'm hesitating, as I don't seem to be reaching the target audience yet.

If any of you are experienced bloggers and can throw me a bone on getting more audience participation and reaching out to the target audience, please let me know.

See, I didn't end the post with a question. It's not my style. But there's  paragraph of questions higher up the page!


  1. I haven't really commented because I am not the mother of an autistic child, but I do really enjoy and relate to your posts. My kids have other needs, and I find a lot of what you write does relate even though it's not the exact same diagnosis. I will try to comment when I have what to say, but I will say I do love reading your blog :-)

  2. I used to have a very high-trafficked blog - and one of the major keys to increasing readership and commenting is to be involved with OTHER blogs. Read other blogs, link to more, LEAVE LOTS OF COMMENTS ON OTHER LIKE-MINDED BLOGS. If you exist within a vacuum, other dedicated bloggers will not enter your world here at Chez Blogowitz.

    Cutesy Titles can be retained and still meet your goal of functional titling. You can do "Serious Name of Topic Here: Funny, Cutesy Subtitles Here" - subtitles are your friend. Or put the serious title in the subject with the alternate, cutesy name (or vice versa). Key phrases are your friend, but it doesn't matter where those key-phases are searchable by google. Someone can just as easily stumble across a blog entry of yours based on the content of the post as they can based on the title of your post.

    Join BlogHer. You'll find lots of information that way, get your blog out to a wider audience, and probably meet some nice people.

  3. Thanks, both of you. karen, I'll start commenting on other autism blogs, I guess that's how i'll get noticed.... one question though, there is no option for subtitles on blogger as far as I know. however my labels are very clear and hopefully those will be noticed by google too.

  4. Hi
    Im a mom with a child suffering from high functioning autism. I read your blog as your fb friend. I love it but I'm not good with comments, although if I have anything to add I certainly will!
    Good luck!

  5. commenting! :) hello! you are being followed and read! Personally I enjoy your blog titles and the suspense you leave at the end of posts. But then again, with my blog I'm not trying to make money--- I leave that for my business blog.

  6. I have tried commenting several times and I'm not sure why it won't go. I'm trying with my google account now-- let's see what happens.

  7. I am a director of a special Ed preschool and it is enlightening to read about what we deal with from a parents perspective. I am in awe of how you deal with your bias yon with such wit and humor. Not bad for a pessimist!


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