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Monday, November 19, 2012

Ritalin and Signing

I hate jumping tenses in my narrative, thus I'm loathe to share some of the momentous happenings of today. I'll therefore mention two huge accomplishments of today and elaborate on neither, just leave you to think about them.

1. Dovi was seen today by a fantastic, top-notch, extremely-difficult-to-get-into child psychiatrist who specializes in autism. It was quite the experience and I'm still blown away. Tomorrow I start Dovi on a trial period of Ritalin. I'm holding my breath.

2. Dovi consistently signed for 'drink' today. Consistently. He's being taught signs but has been mixing them up, or signing only when prompted. This was completely spontaneous and unprompted. For the first time in 2 1/2 years I actually felt like my child was communicating with me. Asking me for something. Out of his own volition. Connecting with me the way a child connects with his mother.

I don't even know which of the two excited me more.

Time to celebrate. With Abe's of Canada Sugarfree, lactose free Vanilla Caramel ice cream maybe.


  1. oh yum. is the sugar free version as good as the regular? if yes pass some please!

  2. Ritalin, wow!!!! We've been through Clonidine, Tenex, Abilify, and Focalin and still can't get ritalin. However, at "Wilma's" last appointment (also yesterday) we got upped to 10 mg of focalin and 3 mg of abilify. SLOWLY but surely we'll get to the right meds and the right dosages. YAYYYYYYYY Dovi on the signing! Woot!

    1. That is because Dovi has CLASSICAL ahdh and is not moody. Clonidine etc. cause terrible mood side effects and he rather needs something to calm down the hyperactivity so the dr felt it was a good idea.


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